What is oud you may ask? Oud smells warm and earthy, with a unique wood-like smell. It has a strong, rich scent that reminds people of leather, and there’s also a hint of smoke in it, like the smell of musk or amber. Oud is very expensive because it comes from a natural material that is highly valued. Some people even call it “liquid gold.”

The history of Oud?

Oud perfume has a strong and captivating smell because it’s made from an oil extracted from tree resin. It has a woody and earthy scent that adds depth to perfumes. Oud has been used for a long time in medicine, perfume-making, and spiritual practices, especially in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Oud has a lot of cultural importance. It has been associated with wealth and luxury since ancient times, dating back to 1400 BC. It’s also mentioned in sacred texts like the Bible and has been used in religious rituals. Nowadays, it’s still used in religious ceremonies in China, Japan, and India as incense, and it’s considered a symbol of hospitality in mosques, temples, and homes around the world. Oud also has medicinal properties, so it’s used in herbal teas and meditation practices.

Because of its historical and cultural significance, oud perfumes are a way to pay tribute to this precious substance and offer a unique and unforgettable scent experience.

What is oud?

How is oud made?

Oud comes from a special kind of tree called the aquilaria tree. This tree grows in places like Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Thailand. The inside of the tree is usually light in color, like a pale yellow. But something interesting happens when the tree gets sick.

When the tree gets sick, it produces a dark and nice-smelling resin, like a sticky liquid. This resin goes inside the tree’s wood, making it change color. Instead of being pale yellow, it becomes a darker yellow or amber color.

People who make perfumes use different methods to get the resin out of the wood. They might use steam, like hot water, that turns into a vapor. Or they might melt the resin, like when ice turns into water when it gets warm. They’re very skilled at doing this.

The resin is thick, sticky, and dark in color. It looks like other sticky stuff that comes from plants, like a resin called labdanum or another one called benzoin. Once the resin is taken out of the wood, it makes really lovely oud perfumes that smell amazing.


Oud smells woody and unique. People say it has a strong, warm, and earthy smell that’s also mysterious. It’s like a mix of intense scents, like musk. Some experts say it smells like fresh damp soil, a barn, or hay in the sun.

The smell of oud can be different depending on the kind of tree it comes from. Some ouds smell sweeter, while others are smokier and more like balsamic. They change a little bit as they dry down, meaning they smell different as time passes.

There are also fake ouds made by people instead of being natural. These fake ones smell different from the real ones. They’re not as animal-like, and they usually have a slightly sweeter and nuttier smell.

What is oud?


Oud is very expensive because it’s tough to find and make. Only one of every ten trees naturally produces the special resin from which Oud comes. This makes it one of the most expensive things used in perfumes. The wood that comes from the trees, called agarwood, is one of the most expensive woods in the world, costing $100,000 for just one kilogram!
Getting the Oud out of the wood is also a lot of work, which adds to the cost. People must carve out the wood chips by hand, which can take several hours. And here’s something else: the tree that Oud comes from, the aquilaria tree, is endangered. That means there aren’t many left, and we must protect them. So now, many trees are treated with a special compound to make them produce the resin.

Because Oud is expensive and the trees are endangered, people sometimes make synthetic Oud. These are not natural ingredients but are created in a lab to smell like Oud. They’re used as a substitute for the real thing.


Oud perfume lasts a long time when you put it on your skin. It can stay there for several hours or even a whole day because it’s vital. Even after the top and heart notes of the perfume fade away, the oud scent continues. It has this unique earthy and animal-like smell that sticks around.

Compared to lighter perfumes, oud perfumes last longer because they have heavier and richer smells at the base. Oud and ambergris scents don’t quickly go bad, so they can stay fresh for a long time. Usually, oud perfumes can last three to five years, but it can vary depending on how the perfume is made and stored. If you want to know how to keep your perfume in good condition, you can check out some tips by clicking here.

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