About Us

The Socotra Island


Socotra Oud is a brand that specialise in Oud perfume and perfume oil that is steeped in tradition and deeply connected to the island of Socotra.


At Socotra Oud,

we were founded by avid lovers of oud who possess an unwavering passion for the rich Arabian culture. Our aim is to be the ultimate destination for connoisseurs in search of the most exceptional oud products. Our remarkable team consists of experts who have devoted years to studying and comprehending the intricate nuances of oud, ensuring that we offer nothing short of the utmost authentic and outstanding oud experiences.

What distinguishes Socotra Oud from others is our steadfast commitment to directly sourcing oud from its place of origin. We have forged strong connections with oud farmers and distillers across the Arabian Peninsula, enabling us to acquire oud of unparalleled quality. By collaborating directly with these skilled artisans, we not only support local communities but also contribute to the preservation of cherished oud traditions.

Our collection of oud exemplifies the diverse spectrum of fragrances that this remarkable substance can embody. From deep and earthy notes to sweet and floral undertones, we present oud oils that cater to the unique preferences of each individual. Our meticulously selected and perfectly aged oud wood chips emanate a captivating and enduring aroma when ignited. For those seeking a complete sensory immersion, our oud incense and oud-infused fragrances fill the air with an opulent and sophisticated ambiance.