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Giftbox Perfume Oil

Discover the world of Socotra Oud with our discovery gift set! Our 5ml selection is the perfect way to explore the unique scents of this special oud. Perfect for anyone who loves to browse and try some of our finest fragrances, this set is a great way to experience Socotra Oud perfumes and makes a great gift for any occasion.

(33 customer reviews)


  • A Touch Of Oud
  • Arabian Jewel Sample
  • Arabian Oud Sample
  • Calian Sample
  • Evergreen Oasis Sample
  • Garden Of Berries Sample
  • Harmony Oud Sample
  • Liki Ante Sample
  • Midnight Sahara Rose Sample
  • The Island Sample
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Introducing Our Exquisite GIFT SET Collection

Discover the perfect gift-giving experience with our thoughtfully curated GIFT SETs. At Socotra Oud, we take great pride in offering a wide range of luxurious GIFT SETs that cater to all your gifting needs. Our GIFT SETs are not just presents; they are the embodiment of elegance, craftsmanship, and the rich Arabian tradition of Oud perfumery.

Unwrap the Magic of Our GIFT SETs

Finding the ideal gift can be a challenging task, but our GIFT SETs simplify the process. Whether it’s a special occasion, a token of appreciation, or a heartfelt gesture, our GIFT SETs are designed to make a lasting impression. From the moment you receive one, you’ll be captivated by the essence of Socotra Oud.

Why Choose Our GIFT SETs?

  • Diverse Selection: Our GIFT SETs offer an array of choices, each carefully crafted to showcase the exceptional scents of Socotra Oud. You can explore various fragrances and find the perfect set for your loved ones.
  • Authentic Oud: Socotra Oud is renowned for its commitment to sourcing the highest-quality Oud directly from its place of origin. With our GIFT SETs, you’re gifting the essence of centuries-old Arabian traditions.
  • Memorable Experiences: Every GIFT SET tells a story, a story of tradition, passion, and unparalleled fragrance. It’s a gift that resonates with the heart and soul, leaving a lasting memory.

Order Your GIFT SET Today

Gift-giving is an art, and with Socotra Oud’s GIFT SETs, you can master it effortlessly. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you by gifting them an experience that transcends the ordinary. Order your GIFT SET online now and add a touch of Arabian opulence to your special moments. Make every occasion unforgettable with the scents of Socotra Oud.

Fragrance name

A Touch Of Oud, Arabian Jewel Sample, Arabian Oud Sample, Calian Sample, Evergreen Oasis Sample, Garden Of Berries Sample, Harmony Oud Sample, Liki Ante Sample, Midnight Sahara Rose Sample, Night In Socotra Sample, Sahara Rouge Sample, Sereen Sample, Sweet Sand Sample, The Island Sample, Touch Of Oud Sample, Vanille Souk Sample, Velvet Vanille Sample

33 reviews for Giftbox Perfume Oil

  1. Sanna Kovalainen

    I was totally blown away by this Oud set! My daughter and I have been having so much fun trying out all the different scents. A little goes a long way, so they’ll last us a while. Plus, the fragrances themselves are amazing! We’re really loving it

  2. Brandon W

    At first, I wasn’t sure if I was feeling it, i was not used to oil fragrance but I am kind of feeling it.

  3. Saleema

    I loved every single one of them. However, I must say that my absolute favorite was Sereen. It was absolutely delightful, with a captivating scent that lingers for a long time. It’s incredibly easy to wear as well.

  4. Sara Ali

    I reallly love Arabian Oud from the 5 I picked – it’s delicate yet powerful, and in my humble opinion, it’s the absolute best oil out there. 🌹

  5. Toby Okwukwe

    All I can express is their sheer beautyβ€”each captivating aroma of oud perfume is truly heavenly. β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  6. Alice D

    The fragrance is wonderfully subtle and I find it particularly enjoyable when layered with Amber. The A touch of Oud scent is something special; it makes you feel truly unique when wearing it.

  7. Claire H

    Liki ante is hands down one of my absolute favorite fragrances. It’s seriously admired by everyone around me. Can’t help but love it!

  8. Lori R

    The fragrance is truly beautiful, and it lingers for a long time. The small bottle is perfect to fit in your handbag, making it convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

  9. Samantha Janvabic

    I gotta tell you, whenever I rock my favorite perfume, people can’t help but ask me what I’m wearing. And you know what? I give them that sly “Are you talking to me?” look, because it feels so darn good to know I’ve made a worthwhile investment. The way people turn their heads and give that second look when I pass by? It’s just undeniable proof that this scent is a total winner. πŸ‘

  10. Alexandra Parkinson

    Wow, these little bottles pack a punch! I rolled the Hadibu oud down my arm and the whole house was like, “Whoa, what is that amazing smell?!” Definitely worth it. I’m gonna have to invest in the bigger bottles once I decide which one is my favorite.

  11. Kimberly P. Jackson

    I took a chance and got the discovery set, which included a tiny bottle of Oud Arabian. Both my partner and I absolutely loved it! In fact, we loved it so much that I just placed an order for a full-size bottle. It has a unique quality with earthy notes rather than being overly floral, making it a highly recommended choice.

  12. Ernestina Sosa

    Oh my goodness, the scent is indescribable! Just a small amount lasts throughout the entire day. I highly recommend it. x

  13. Robert H

    It smells absolutely divine! I receive compliments from everyone when I wear it. Thank you so much! 😊

  14. Emma Owens

    I love all kinds of fragrances, but the sweet fragrances has my heart! I’m always down to try something new each day and see what delightful scent I can find.

  15. Chelsea

    They last for almost the entire day, and I really enjoy all the suggestions on how to apply and blend fragrances! The scents are incredibly pleasant!

  16. Aidan M

    I’m loving the aroma! All the oils are so delightful. The bottles may be tiny, but the scent lingers for ages. 10/10 – you guys are crushing it! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  17. Vilmer S

    I adore the quality of the fragrances; they linger for such a long time. I’ve discovered my two favorite scents, and I’ll definitely be ordering larger bottles. It’s incredible value for testing and finding what suits you best.

  18. Gabriel T

    The oud oil scent so nice but one of them leaked πŸ™

  19. Zaid A

    Amazing scents…wonderful aroma 😍😍😍

  20. Yvonne A

    I purchased these oud fragrances for my mother, and they arrived today. We were both amazed by how amazing they smell! It was difficult for us to choose a favorite among them because they were all so delightful. I highly recommend them. Thank you very much!

  21. Mathew r

    The Island oil has become my absolute favorite fragrance, and every time I wear it, it never fails to captivate the attention of those around me. Men and women alike are drawn to its alluring scent, and I’m frequently approached by curious individuals eager to know the secret behind my perfume choice. It’s an incredible confidence booster, as it makes me feel irresistibly sexy and exudes an air of self-assured beauty.

  22. Zahrah A

    I’m totally obsessed with Arabian Oud – it’s not like your regular rose scent; it’s sweet but with a hint of earthiness, making it a really sophisticated and sensual smell. Love it!

  23. Summer Miles

    I was a bit skeptical when I ordered the Discovery Collection, having been burned by Facebook marketing before. But I’m so glad I gave it a shot! These oud oils are amazing – they last forever, smell divine, and I get compliments everywhere I go! I’m totally hooked on layering them too.

  24. Hannah L

    So many amazing fragrances to pick from. The collection I bought have all been just something else!

  25. Alana C

    Honestly random picks but I love 4 out of the 5. I am so happy and arabian oud is my favvv

  26. Gabriel

    I’m in love with this set of perfume oud oils.

  27. Emma M

    I’m totally in love with the palm paradise fragrance! It’s honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever tried. The scent is incredibly clean and fresh, and I’ve even received some compliments while wearing it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a long-lasting fragrance that brings joy for hours on end. It’s simply amazing! πŸ₯°πŸ‘

  28. Naif S

    I am super impressed these oud lasts all day. I love them all. The Hardest part is deciding which one to choose.

  29. Bisirat Massawa

    These pocket-sized oud bottles of perfume are a great addition to my bag, and the scents are simply divine!

  30. Henry K

    I’ve had some awesome experiences with the oud. I’ve gotten so many compliments and they last forever!

  31. Sophie Woods

    I’m a huge fan of the gift set selection – the small bottles of oud last forever and the scent is just divine! I’m always getting compliments when I wear it especially the Arabian oud.

  32. Shara

    All of the oud scents were absolutely superb! They lasted for a long time, and when combined, they created a wonderful and captivating scent.

  33. Jude H

    These oud fragrance is out of this world! It’s so luxurious and sensual that you can smell it all day and even in your hair. It’s one of the most amazing scents I’ve ever encountered is the Hadibu Oud and I’m begging you to never to discontinue it – it’s truly sublime!

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