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Arabian Oud

 9-12 Hour Lasting

 50ml Bottle

Made in Dubai


Socotra Oud combines the pleasing scent of raspberry with rebellious wood tones, distinguishing itself from other aromatic fragrances. This perfume captures the awakening desert, bringing forth rebellious storms and embodying a touch of infinite freedom. 


Fragrance Family: Woody, Oriental

Scent Type: Woody, Floral, Spicy

Mood: Sophisticated & Mysterious

Gender: Unisex

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More about the fragrance 

Arabian Oud, a scent crafted for those who seek the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the opulence of ripe raspberries, elevated by the contemporary allure of geranium. With a heart of roses and a saffron-infused breeze, this fragrance embodies an exquisite journey. For the bold, the mystic, and the avant-garde, Arabian Oud introduces the noble Agarwood (Oud), creating an aura of sophistication and individuality. Benzoin and incense add an air of mystery, while the woody foundation of amberwood and birch leaves an enduring imprint.

Who is it for?

Those who appreciate Arabian Oud typically embody sophistication and adventure. With a refined taste for opulence, they seek unique, high-quality scents. Confident and charismatic, they enjoy embracing cultural richness, making Arabian Oud their preferred choice for an alluring and luxurious fragrance.

Interested in the Oil (Alcohol free) version? Click here

6 reviews for Arabian Oud

  1. Adam f

    Now this is my favourite OUD ever!!!!😍😍😍😍

  2. Sofia L

    Love the smell of Arabian Oud. I’ve been complimented on it.

  3. Ahmed Khaled

    Growing up in the middle east I have always loved oud but importing then it super expensive. So glad I found socotra oud and this fragrance.

  4. Angelika j

    I don’t know why more people aren’t catching on to this insane fragrance, but I’m so glad some are! Last night at the cinema, I followed a scent trail that led me right to a guy who was wearing Arabian oud from Socotra oud. Even though he wasn’t my type, the scent was so powerful that I couldn’t help but inch closer and closer to him just to get a better whiff. It’s the second guy in a month I’ve complimented for wearing it, and it’s definitely earned an 11/10 from me.

  5. Sumayah I

    I love Arabian oud and I blindly bought this. I have 0 regrets. I really do love this fragrance!

  6. michellel J

    Amazing to put it simply. All you need literally is like one spray and it lasts all day long

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