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Harmony Oud Oil

 9-12 Hour Lasting

 Alcohol free perfume Oil

Made in Dubai


Harmony Oud whisks you away to mandarin orchards with its fresh blend of ripe fruits, complemented by soft heart notes of rose and jasmine enveloped in ambergris. This creation evokes deep emotions, offering a refreshing and atmospheric experience.


Fragrance Family: Oriental

Scent Type: Rich & Fresh

Mood: Warm, and Exotic

Gender: Unisex


  • *6ml
  • 18ml
  • 36ml

More about the fragrance 

Harmony Oud transports you to mandarin orchards, where the fragrance of ripe fruits fills the air. The soft and subtle heart notes of rose and jasmine blend with enveloping ambergris. This fresh and airy creation elicits profound emotions.

Who isit for?

Harmony Oud by Socotra Oud is crafted for individuals who appreciate the captivating and distinctive allure of oriental fragrances. It is designed for those who seek a rich and complex olfactory experience, with warm and inviting notes that embody the essence of the Arabian heritage. This fragrance is well-suited for individuals with a refined taste, drawn to the luxurious and exotic facets of oriental scents. Harmony Oud is often favored by those who desire a bold and enduring fragrance that exudes sophistication, making it suitable for special occasions or for individuals who want to leave a lasting and memorable impression.


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Oil Size

*6ml, 18ml, 36ml


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