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Liki Ante Oil

 9-12 Hour Lasting

 Alcohol free perfume Oil

Made in Dubai


Liki Ante Perfume is a lively, fruity fragrance with apple notes, settling into a sweet and creamy blend of whipped cream and vanilla. Playful and versatile, it’s suitable for various occasions.


Fragrance Family: Gourmand

Scent Type: Sweet & Fruity

Mood: Playful and Lively and Sensual

Gender: Feminine


  • *6ml
  • 18ml
  • 36ml
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More about the fragrance 

Liki Ante is designed to provide a multi-faceted olfactory experience. It starts with a burst of various fruits, transitions to a core of apple for a refreshing touch, and settles into a creamy and sweet combination of whipped cream and vanilla for a warm and alluring finish. The overall composition suggests a fragrance that is playful, sweet, and suitable for a variety of occasions.

Who is it for?

Liki Ante perfume is designed for individuals who enjoy sweet and fruity fragrances with a touch of warmth. The combination of fruity top notes, featuring a mix of various fruits, along with the middle notes of apple, creates a fresh and vibrant opening. The base notes of whipped cream and vanilla add a creamy and sweet undertone, providing a sensual and indulgent quality to the fragrance.

Overall, this perfume is likely to appeal to those who prefer feminine and playful scents with a hint of sweetness. The combination of fruity and gourmand notes makes it suitable for various occasions, from daytime wear to evening events. The creamy and vanilla base notes give the fragrance a comforting and alluring character, making it well-suited for individuals who appreciate a blend of fruity and sweet elements in their perfumes.


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Oil Size

*6ml, 18ml, 36ml


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