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Garden Of Berries

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 50ml Bottle

Made in Dubai


Indulge in the allure of Garden of Berries an intoxicating blend of bold sensuality and fruity gourmand notes. Experience bursts of dark red berries and jasmine, perfectly balanced by the smooth embrace of vanilla and amber. Elevate your scent game with this captivating and luxurious essence.


Fragrance Family: Fruity Floral

Scent Type: Fruity, Floral Elegant

Mood: Vibrant

Gender: Feminine




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More about the fragrance 

“Garden of Berries” is a captivating fragrance that embodies a perfect balance of boldness and sensuality. With a blend of fruity gourmand notes, it features bursts of dark red berries and jasmine, creating an alluring and dynamic olfactory experience. The fragrance is rounded out by the smooth and comforting tones of vanilla and amber, adding depth and sophistication. “Garden of Berries” is a luxurious essence that captures attention and elevates the senses, making it a distinctive and memorable addition to the fragrance collection .

Who is it for?

Garden of berries is tailored for women who embody a youthful, adventurous spirit and exude a lively and bold attitude. Crafted with a floral-fruity theme and subtle gourmand undertones, this fragrance is designed for individuals with a vibrant and confident personality. The scent encapsulates the dynamic and creative essence, offering a celebration of spirited women who embrace life with bravery and a touch of eclecticism.

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