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Velvet Vanille

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 50ml Bottle

Made in Dubai


Velvet Vanille by Socotra Oud is a harmonious blend of classic rose and comforting vanilla, creating a delicate, romantic, and warm fragrance. The floral elegance of rose combines seamlessly with the creamy sweetness of vanilla, resulting in a well-balanced and sophisticated scent reminiscent of a blooming rose garden. A versatile and captivating choice for those who appreciate a fusion of floral and gourmand elements.


Fragrance Family: Floral Oriental

Scent Type: Floral Gourmand

Mood: Romantic, Alluring, and Indulgent.

Gender: Unisex


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More about the fragrance 

Velvet Vanille by Socotra Oud is a fragrance that harmoniously combines the classic and timeless essence of rose with the sweet and comforting notes of vanilla. This olfactory composition creates a delicate yet alluring aroma that is both romantic and warm. The rose notes contribute a floral and elegant touch, while the vanilla adds a creamy and indulgent sweetness. The result is a well-balanced and sophisticated fragrance that captures the essence of a blooming rose garden with a hint of delightful sweetness, making it a versatile and captivating choice for those who appreciate a blend of floral and gourmand elements.

Who is this for?

Velvet Vanilla by Socotra Oud is crafted for individuals who appreciate the luxurious and romantic blend of vanilla in a fragrance. It is designed for those who seek a sweet and inviting olfactory experience with a touch of warmth and sensuality. This fragrance is well-suited for individuals who enjoy a harmonious combination of gourmand notes, creating an inviting and elegant aura. Velvet Vanilla is often favored by those who appreciate a fragrance that is both indulgent and sophisticated, making it suitable for various occasions, especially when a warm and alluring presence is desired.


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